The 2022 survey shows that Swedish affiliated companies continue to be strongly committed to the Malaysian market and are increasingly optimistic about the economic outlook for the future. A total of 80 per cent of Swedish companies expect turnover to increase either slightly or significantly in the coming 12 months. Five per cent of companies expect to report break-even turnover, while only 12 per cent expect a slight or significant decrease. 54 per cent of Swedish companies in Malaysia expect to slightly or significantly increase their investments in the coming 12 months. A significant increase compared to the previous Business Climate Survey measuring the year 2019.

Access to good local partners, distributors and suppliers remain a key aspect for Swedish business in Malaysia. In this Business Climate Survey, distributors, service providers and suppliers were also ranked relatively high. This indicates that most Swedish companies operating in Malaysia are rather satisfied with the local partnerships they have established.

The survey respondents come from a wide range of industries. Industrial companies represent the largest sector at 47 per cent, which is expected given Malaysia’s strength as a manufacturing hub in Asia, followed by professional services, which accounts for 38 per cent, and consumer companies at 16 per cent. Out of the responding companies, 53 per cent are experienced, while 32 per cent are considered mature and 16 per cent are newcomers.

Looking further ahead we can conclude that there is great optimism for the future, and there are vast opportunities in Malaysia for Swedish companies with a unique value offering, good partner relationships, and a local presence.

Please download the report to fully overview the results with a detailed analysis.


The purpose of this Business Climate Survey is to showcase how Swedish companies perceive the overall market conditions are in Malaysia as well as opportunities and challenges present. Simultaneously, this report aims to highlight the trade and commercial relationship between Malaysia and Sweden.

The Malaysia survey was opened for responses during June to July and interviews were also conducted during this period to study how Swedish companies performed in 2021 as well as their expectations for 2022 and onwards. By 2022, there were around 80 Swedish companies present in Malaysia and of these, 51 per cent chose to participate in this Business Climate Survey.

On behalf of Team Sweden in Malaysia, we would like to once again thank all of the participating companies and respondents which have contributed to this report!