The Swedish company Nordomatic are at the forefront of the sustainable building revolution. By bringing smart technology into the commercial building industry, they are helping to reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency, and transform buildings so they meet both climate goals and improve employee well-being.

While Nordomatic’s journey started over 55 years ago in Stockholm, Sweden, promoting modern, efficient, independent, and open solutions for building sector customers, today the company is pushing the boundaries in building management system (BMS) solutions. 


As demand for their cutting-edge and integrated technology solutions accelerated, Nordomatic have seen significant growth over the past decade through both organic expansion and strategic acquisitions, establishing themselves as the leading independent BMS system integrator in Scandinavia.

The company has successfully expanded its operations to Northern Europe, the UK and Benelux, and to continue this impressive global growth trajectory, the US was the natural next step for expansion.

Establishing a foothold in the US is never a simple task so Nordomatic brought in Business Sweden to firstly identify potential strategic partnerships and M&A candidates. During this initial phase, an analysis of the US market was undertaken using key metrics including local state incentives, construction activities, and where smart meters and green building certification was industry practice.

Based on a bespoke set of approximately 20 building management and HVAC industry metrics, Nordomatic and Business Sweden were able to narrow down a shortlist of the top US states best suited to their business offer and needs. 


To complement this work, a second phase assessed the strategic partner landscape and M&A opportunities, resulting in a long- list of potential companies. A short-list of promising candidates was then achieved via a rigorous screening and filtering process based on Nordomatic’s strategic partnership criteria; these companies were further evaluated by Business Sweden’s US project team to provide Nordomatic with a detailed analysis of each company’s service offering, end customer focus, as well as their management team and project footprint. 

At the end of the market analysis sprint, the Nordomatic team had a short-list of 10 highly promising companies to progress with as part of their strategic US expansion plans. 

About Nordomatic AB 

Founded in Stockholm in 1967, Nordomatic offers BMS and Smart Building Services to property owners, facility managers, and construction companies. These technologies help customers to reduce carbon emissions, cut costs and improve employee wellbeing. The company has a net turnover of SEK 1,300 million and in 2022 employed 700 people. They are currently expanding globally via acquisitions and strategic partnerships.



Identifying suitable M&A targets or collaboration partners for expansion into the US building management system market.


Business Sweden assisted in identifying and qualifying potential partners based on jointly agreed criteria, followed up with a deep-dive evaluation to create a short-lift of suitable companies.


Potential strategic partnerships or M&A candidates in the selected US regions were screened and a short-list was created based on set criteria which are a starting point for potential opportunities in the future.


Nordomatic provides services to make buildings more energy efficient by optimising how heating, cooling, and ventilation are managed. Nordomatic can reduce energy needed in buildings by more than 25%. 130 000 tons of Co2 avoided by customers thanks to Nordomatic's services in 2022.


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